For everyone who feels like speaking English....


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Hi there,

My name is Katrina, I'm the partner of Koengaroo.
I have spoken to a few people on the meeting last saturday and enjoyed to meet all these people who are going to Oz.
Unfortunatly I'm still in the process of learning Dutch so I thought maybe there are some people who like to practise their english on me...... :)

Don't be shy to make mistakes since I make them myself aswell....., in Dutch and in English...... hahahaha :-D

Anyway hope to hear from somebody on this topic.... :blahblah:

Katrina...... :blahblah:


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Hi Katrina,

"For everyone who feels like speaking English"; I like that, especially considering the fact that we can only write to you.

But we did have a nice chat last Saturday evening.

It's nice of you to give people the chance to practice their English on you. I will follow your thread with a great deal of interest.

For most of them it will a good idea and maybe loads of fun. But does that entail that you will be correcting their English as well, or wil you just take spelling and grammar faults in your stride??

Hear from you,


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Hi Katrina,

All right then, I´ll give it a try! You might find some spellingmistakes here and there, do not hesitate to let me know, since it will only improve my english... :roll:

First of all, I´m Lela, 34, 2 kiddies (2 and 4) and a hubbie (oh well not officially married, but I would say after being together for 16 years, it sort of feels like being married!). Actually, If have not posted this before, but there might be a possibility that I can move to Australia for work. My company is rolling out SAP in Australia coming year and for all I know they will also need support after the roll out. Considering the major time difference they might want to have local support... guess who will move to Oz :)!

Anyway, you might have posted it before , but whereabouts in Oz are you and your man going to live? And is that the same place you grew up?

Why bother by the way learning Dutch... you will only hurt yourself trying to pronounce our famous Dutch "GGGGGG"  :lol:

Right, back to business for me now, if not, I will only head one way and that is EXIT!



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Hmmmm... Let's see. Haven't spoke to you last saturday. Don't even know if i'll recognise you if i'll see you :) You've got a picture here?


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Tall, dark and handsome  :lol1:

No, not really; actually; tall, skinny, old, going bald, beard, t-shirt with "Australian" on it, told you that bij the time you can pronounce the "sch" or the [quote author=Lela link=topic=2886.msg32045#msg32045 date=1129632792]
famous Dutch "GGGGGG"  :lol:[/quote] you will be proficient in Dutch.
Still uncertain? Look me up in the "who is who" pages.



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Hi Katrina.

What a good idea to start a topic in English.
Now you can join us with the ideal chat.   :blahblah:
Was nice to see you again last Saturday, hope to
see before we leave, otherwise we will see you in Melb.
Enjoy the time you here in NL, it is not a bad country,
only the cold.  :freezing:
Don,t work to hard, and hope to hear from you real soon.

Regards Ineke  :later:


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Hi Katrina,

Great idea. My name is Miranda, I'm 36 years old and have a husband and son (4). Our TRA (metal fabricator) is already accepted and the next step for us is to undertake Ielts which my husband will do December 10th (fingers crossed). We are planning to live in Queensland in the near future. But first things first, let's wait till we really have the visa.

Good on ya (and us) for letting us try our English on you  :up:

See ya,

Miranda  :)


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Hello every one,

Katrina will respond today at the end, because she has to learn her Dutch before she gets in trouble with her teacher.
How ever she enjoys the many responses she has gotten on this thread so far en I'm sure it's good fun to practise English.

As you can see for my writing there is still something to say... But guess what I have an excuse... I'm dislectic, even thoug 3 years ago I took an IELTS test and scored an 8 overall without telling them I was dislectic.... my writing was only a band 6........ :cry:

Good hope to see some more chatter about anything here...

See ya.


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[quote author=Koengaroo link=topic=2886.msg32154#msg32154 date=1129706017]
I took an IELTS test and scored an 8 overall without telling them I was dislectic.... my writing

Good on yer, mate. If you put your mind to it, you can conquer the world.



Adelaide SA for too bloody long ;-)
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my writing was only a band 6........
Hi Koen and Katrina
A band six for the writing test. That absolutely great :up: :up: Nothing to cry :cry: about. I remember that I had to do that freaking IELTS test. I was absolutely scared shit-less about the writing part. I thought I really would flunk the test but in spite that I scored  a band six and  was very happy. Unfortunately Vanessa did not so great but I'm not going to tell that story. It would be a good practise if Vanessa type it her self.  :evil: :p


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He Bear,

Why were you frightend for the writing, by the looks of it you're doing prety darn good...haha.
I must admit though that I'm prety pleased with the fact that I don't have to take the test again for the visa I'm applying for now. :-D

I will save out some money, waiting for the results, and the trip to the oxford house in Amsterdam.... :up:

cheers mate.


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Let me think... My IELTS results..... Did it in March. My average was band 7. reading: 7, listening:8, writing: 6.5 and speaking: 6
My point is that I'm a bit nervous every time I begin to speak in English. After a while it get's a lot better. I've got a few English friends I speak once and a while en a friend in Denmark (she also learnd me a bit Danish... that's fun!)

What really helps... Reading the Harry Potter books in English. We were in Schotland and England last summer and I bought them all (accept for The Philosopher's stone... friend sent it to me by mail)


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I reckon you should go to England on holiday. That's good practice! My English wasn't bad at all. But it has improved heaps over the last couple of months.  Btw Annemiek, I might do a Danish course here next year (or the year after). I really love it. You should have a look at: it's a great start!


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hello Annemiek,
this is Sheila ( Katrina )

Well you know the saying ... Practise makes Perfect....
I'm Learning Dutch and  i find the more you try to speak the more you seem to pick up!.
So  Don't be nervous about speaking English , cos the more  times you speak it the better you become .... What you should do is speak English say for hour every night  and then incease it when you think it's getting there. As i can see . you write very good in English..... :-D  :up:


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G'day tum ,

Well you might have heard about me . I'm Katrina ,Koen's ( Koengaroo's Partner). I'm 24  and iám now been over here in Holland for 5 months .. so yeah ... but the reason i came over her ,w as to get Koen to come home with me and all .... so now we are in the process of doing that .

Sorry if my English is not good ( i'm know i'm Australian... but i still make mistakes , no one is perfect!!

So your wanting to go to Brissy ... Thats great !! nice weather all year round , Man what more could you ask for  :cool:

So when are you planing to get your VISA and move on out of here.
And  i like to ask you , why you like Australia so much .......

Greetz Katrina ( Sheila)


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Annemiek ,
Yes i think I have a picture on here  :-D

I have been here since 27th May , all up i'm here for a year ...

I tell you one think and that's , that i'm not looking forward to the winter :cry:

O'well .........

Look forward to your reply soon



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Hoi Lela ,

Yeah  i hate the GGGGGGGGGGGGG to  and i can't do the tongue roll either , when you want to use the RRRR. :-D

But I work in a Irish bar and we always have the Dutch ppl come in and yeah some speak English , but some don't!! so it would be good for me to learn  and be able to speak abit of it , and also when Koen and I have children . as we would be speaking Dutch to them so they can speak Dutch, tothere Aunt's and Uncle's and all over here ....  and so on

If you got your mind on something you want to do .... you will then make it happen ..... and with me it will happen in good time .... I hope to be able to speak abit of Dutch by the time we go home Next year.

Greetz  Katrina


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Rebekka: Jai plokka frokt mil een brokt frokt plokka ;) This is fonetic, cause I only know how to speak a little bit Danish. Don't know how to wright it ;)

It's nice to say that you'll practise English by talking it an hour a day every night, but i'll do that for maybe two or three nights and then it stops ;) Had that idea too before the IELTS. Never did it ;)
Last summer we were invited to an english wedding. Mark, I and some friends had to speak in english. Only takes a few hours and then you start thinking in English as well ;)
My English isn't to bad either, but it's the nerves.

Also know a funny english song.
There's a hole in the bottom of the sea, There's a hole in the bottom of the sea, there's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole in the bottom of the sea.
There's a whale in the hole in the bottom of the sea  etc.
There's a tale on the whale in the hole in the bottom of the sea
There's a bone in the tale on the whale in the hole in the bottom of the sea
there's a nerve on the bone in the tale on the whale in the hole of the bottom of the sea

These are the lines and you have to squeeze every line in the same ammount of time the you have for the first line (Am i saying this right?? you understand?) So you really have tot talk fast to say l=the last sentences... That's a good practice too ;)


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You're 24? This Saturday I'll be 24 as well ;)
I'm not looking forward to this winter either... Having a terrible cold already... :( And now the Indian Summer is also over... The leaves are falling very fast now :(  I wanna go to Australiaaaaaa..... wheeeeeee.... :'(

okay... never mind that last sentence ;) Another problem if mine... sometimes I don't know how to write a word... I always look at it and take the most logical option. Most of the times it's right then, but sometimes it isn't... Tried, but I'm a much better translator in some cases ;) doens't work with all words ;)